The film festival Herceg Novi - Montenegro Film Festival will be held from 1st to 7th of August of 2015. This Mediterranean feast of film remains with the concept of a modern, open and dynamic event that will continue to occupy an important place on the cultural map of the region as well as Europe.

French director and screenwriter Iv Boase (Dreyfus Affair, RAS, Assassination, Price of Danger, Stop for a Killer, Pink Taxi ...) was a guest in Herceg Novi also four years ago, and was making a film in Montenegro, as an assistant director, more than three decades ago. Boase is the author of more than 50 feature and television films and in recent years he made a significant contribution to the film festival of Southeast Europe SEE in Paris that is an incentive to the cultural unification of the region and support to the promotion of FFHN MFF.

Crnogorsku premijeru film „Zakloni“ Novljanina Ivana Salatića imaće na 29. FFHN MFF  a već u septembru njegov kratkometražni igrani film "Dvorišta" za koji je uradio i scenario  biće premijerno prikazan na prestižnom 72. Me]unarodnom filmskom festivalu u Veneciji  u okviru  takmičarske selekcije "Horizonti".

The striving to place the FFHN MFF shoulder to shoulder with the highest regional, perhaps Mediterranean, and in some years, why not, also with the European film festivals, is not new. It has lasted as long as the festival itself, a full 29 years. I guess that from these aspirations, for the most part, stems the one step forward we make each year in the organization of the festival, the number of films, the locations where the programs are held. This is the old and the new element this year as well.



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